Omnivores cover
Lydia’s debut novel, Omnivores, tells the story of young Estee Kraft, dutiful daughter and prisoner in her own home—a home her megalomaniac father Bill turns into an armed camp after he secedes from the United States. The other men who come into Estee’s life are Pete Magnus, a vacuous real estate agent who buys her from her father, and Little Bill, her terrible toddling son, a cannibal baby who eats everything from tortilla chips to his own toenail. Estee’s journey from the Kraft family compound in rural California to an L.A. penthouse and finally a golf resort in Florida is a satirical coming-of-age novel that sends up Americana of all kinds, from the right to bear arms to parenting classes and retirement villages.


Praise and Reviews

Omnivores reads like a cartoon with soul.”
–Los Angeles Times

“If Flannery O’Connor came back from the dead and abandoned her fixation with Southern religion, she might be proud to write something like Lydia Millet’s astonishing first novel, Omnivores
Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)

Omnivores is a bitingly funny look at the ugly face of consumerism, America as one big Home Shopping Network.”
–The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

“All manner of voracious American appetites–for sex, power, and possessions–are darkly lampooned in this strange, often very funny debut.”
–Entertainment Weekly




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