The Bodies of the Ancients

bodies of the ancients cover

The Bodies of the Ancients is the gripping finale in the Dissenters trilogy.

How well do you know your family? In the final installment in the ecothriller Dissenters series, Cara and her two brothers are hoping life will be calmer now that their scientist mother has come home.

No such luck. Max has been keeping a secret and Cara begins to feel that events are getting away from her—until her mother asks her to go into one of the enemy’s own houses. Meanwhile Jax’s unique old-ways skills keep expanding. With a shapechanger for a mother, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that none of the children are who they thought they might be.

There are strong and surprising forces lined up against the family. There will be unexpected revelations. They will have to stand together to survive … but the highest price will have to be paid.



“Children, adults, and myriad creatures fight the final battle in a war over climate change…. genrewise, the book completely fuses science fiction with fantasy…. relationships are tender. Memorably unusual.” – Kirkus Reviews